This series reflects upon the psychology of myths, their pervasiveness in our culture and their impact on the collective consciousness.

SONIA TOLEDO photosynthesis



THE COSMIC SERPENT   (2011):   ARAS, the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism, records images of serpents dating back to the Ice Age.   In this work, the energy of the Aboriginal Kuniya and Andean Katari combine to evoke the power of the feminine and assert their role as guardians of knowledge and souls.   This work was born from a dream my friend Llorraine Neithardt had:   The Cosmic Serpent had shed its skin and lay in waiting, its body a serpentine path.  Women stand on both sides, devoted to the way of the serpent and adoring each other.   They gather in joy to sell their wares, tell their stories and share their art, wisdom, and secret knowledge they have earned, open hearted.    Women dress in every color for this rare and long-awaited gathering – all wearing their finest garbs, from the most humble to the sublime.   The women laugh, whispering and weaving together their dreams, allowing their art, colors, loves and gifts to become the new skin of the Serpent.