astro logos

In 2006,  I had my first chart reading.  At the time it all seemed too mysterious, archaic and torturous for me.


In 2007, after an hour of prophesy, a seer told me it was imperative that I study my chart.  It was not until the Spring of 2010 that I  decided to take the plunge and began studying astrology with Anne Ortelee.  After a year of part-time study, astrology is still complicated. Part science and part intuition, its mysteries have slowly opened to me and with it, great rewards.  Astrology – astro logos or star speak – helps explain how individuals approach life, where their blind spots are and why they react to circumstances the way they do.  The stars also point to what may lie ahead. These Photo Syntheses are expressions of my own predispositions and hopes, as colored by star speak.


SONIA TOLEDO photosynthesis